various indices by BSE

With a view to provide a better representation of the increased number of companies listed, increased market capitalisation and the new industry groups, the Exchange constructed and launched on 27th May, 1994, two new index series viz., the 'BSE-200' and the 'DOLLEX-200' indices. Since then, BSE has come a long way in attuning itself to the varied needs of investors and market participants. In order to fulfill the need of the market participants for still broader, segment-specific and sector-specific indices, the Exchange has continuously been increasing the range of its indices. The launch of BSE-200 Index in 1994 was followed by the launch of BSE-500 Index and 5 sectoral indices in 1999. In 2001, BSE launched the BSE-PSU Index, DOLLEX-30 and the country's first free-float based index - the BSE TECk Index. The Exchange shifted all its indices to a free-float methodology (except BSE PSU index) in a pahsed manner.

The Exchange also disseminates the Price-Earnings Ratio, the Price to Book Value Ratio and the Dividend Yield Percentage on day-to-day basis of all its major indices.

The values of all BSE indices are updated every 15 seconds during the market hours and displayed through the BOLT system, BSE website and news wire agencies.

All BSE-Indices are reviewed periodically by the "Index Committee" of the Exchange. The Committee frames the broad policy guidelines for the development and maintenance of all BSE indices. Department of BSE Indices of the Exchange carries out the day to day maintenance of all indices and conducts research on development of new indices.

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